MCCO has its roots in the chamber orchestra world. Now, we’ve expanded beyond a chamber orchestra and we hope to expand even more. Our mission is still to enrich the lives of both our musicians and our listeners through music. We teamed up with J2 Marketing and a few other local students to help us develop a new name, logo, and website. Here’s what we came up with.


Maple City Community Orchestra – Because we believe in community and we’ve expanded beyond a chamber orchestra, we decided to change our name. We’ll still be lovingly referred to as MCCO.


Our logo was designed with much collaboration and input from professional designers, students, and musicians. The circle represents the wholeness of community and the note reflects our medium of enrichment.


Our website was in desperate need of updates. With massive amounts of mobile traffic, and a poor user experience, we enlisted J2 Marketing to help us build what you see today.